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Locate a Person: Missing Person Investigations in St. Louis

Locate a Person | Missing Person Locates

People can become disconnected because of a number of life changing events including marriage, divorce, job promotion, death, or adoption, which can often leave many questions unanswered as well as feelings of sadness and discontent. If you have made the decision to locate a lost friend, family member, or loved one, The i-Con Group in St. Louis offers missing person and locate investigation services to help. Whether you have only limited information or more detailed facts on which we can base our search, we are ready to help you locate the person for whom you have been searching.

We can search for and locate:

  • Family Members
  • Runaways
  • Lost Loved Ones
  • Old Friends
  • Debtors
  • Heirs

If you would like to learn more about our missing person and locate investigation services or if you are interested in beginning the search for your lost loved one, friend, or family member, please contact our private investigators in St. Louis.

When You Need to Locate a Person

With our missing person location services, we can help you to locate a person for any number of reasons. Whether you are an individual interested in getting in touch with an old friend or you are trying to locate a debtor on behalf of your company, we can help. Our missing person investigation services can help anyone who needs to locate a person including cases related to adoptions, family reunion, friendship reunion, or financial responsibilities.


Children who have been adopted and raised by adoptive parents often have the desire to locate their birth parents in order to provide them with the answers to their many questions. Locating their birth parents can help many individuals find the peace of mind that they have been searching for. It will also allow them to discover their family’s medical history, which can be important for long term health and disease prevention.

At The i-Con Group, we can help those who have been adopted as well as parents who have given children up for adoption to locate their biological family members.

Family Reunion

Locate a Person | Missing Person Investigations in St. Louis

Often times a child will lose contact with a parent or sibling because of a feud between individuals. Additionally, disagreements between siblings, aunts, uncles, children, grandparents, or cousins can drive a wedge between a family that causes several family members to lose contact for many years. A private investigator can help you to locate a person in your family with whom you have been disconnected in order to resolve issues and reunite bonds.

Reunited Friendships

Some friends simply grow apart over the years; some are torn apart by cross country moves and relocations, while others may have split because of a fight or feud. However, after many years apart, friends or loved ones often find the desire to be reunited in order to rekindle a friendship or an old love. We can help you to locate a person who is your long lost friend from childhood, high school, or any previous time in your life in order to help you reconnect with this lost loved one.

Financial Responsibilities

Money is often the reason that individuals are interested in locating a person. The financial reasons that drive a person to locate a missing person can include a desire to collect overdue child support and alimony payments or to collect on another outstanding debt. Additionally, attorneys, bank trust officers, and individuals may also need to locate a person who is the beneficiary or heir to an estate, property, or money when establishing a trust or following a death.

Learn More About How We can Help Locate a Person

When you contact us for help locating a person, we will begin our search by first looking at the information that you already have. For some this is simply a name or an adoption record while for others it may include more detailed information. We will then take the necessary steps in order to locate the person, finding their current telephone number or address.

We can use any number of resources to help you locate a person with our missing person services. This will include searching through special databases, reviewing public records, using social networking sites, conducting interviews, and more.

If you would like to learn more about our locate investigation services and see how these services can help you to locate a person, please contact our St. Louis private investigators today.

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